Dental Bonding is an Easy Way to fix a Chipped Tooth

Matthew A. Turner D.D.S., P.C., offers dental bonding for residents of Kansas City, MO -  that have chipped teeth at our office in Blue Springs, to conceal minor cosmetic imperfections like chips and gaps. Dental bonding is a more affordable cosmetic treatment than porcelain veneers, and the procedure can accomplish many of the same goals. Dr. Turner uses composite resin matched to the shade of your natural teeth to make flaws disappear. This simple technique is an easy way to instantly improve the overall appearance of your smile. 

Dr. Turner's Work Dental Bonding for Gaps

Before Dental Bonding
After Dental Bonding
After Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is a more affordable cosmetic treatment than porcelain veneers, and the procedure can accomplish many of the same goals.

Dental Bonding Candidates

Dental bonding can change the size and shape of individual teeth to improve symmetry. It can also whiten teeth that are too deeply stained to respond to professional teeth whitening. If you are on a budget but would like to have more extensive cosmetic dentistry treatment in the future, then bonding can be an excellent way to keep your smile looking its best in the meantime. 

Patients considering dental bonding should be in good oral health and have any underlying conditions such as cavities or gum disease resolved prior to treatment. Because composite resin does not resist stains as well as porcelain veneers do, candidates for bonding should avoid smoking to preserve the shade of the resin.

What You Can Expect

Dental bonding is noninvasive and painless, and no anesthesia is required. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour for each tooth. First, Dr. Turner will select a shade of resin that will blend in naturally with your smile. Then he will apply an acidic etching solution to the treatment area to create a better surface for the resin to adhere to. You will rinse your teeth, and then Dr. Turner will apply the resin in layers. He sculpts the resin while it is still soft, and then cures (hardens) it with an ultraviolet light. In the last step, Dr. Turner polishes the bond to closely resemble your natural tooth enamel. 

Risks and Benefits of Dental Bonding

Although a dental bond will be strong, it is not as durable as a dental crown or veneer. You should also not expect it to have the same lifespan. There is a risk of the bond breaking off if significant pressure is applied. It is important to avoid chewing on hard objects like pen caps or ice cubes to prevent damage. Because bonding is not as stain resistant as other materials and does not respond to teeth whitening, it would need to be replaced if it became stained from tobacco, coffee, tea, or other food or drinks.

Dental bonding offers a similar effect to more extensive cosmetic procedures without the removal of any natural tooth structure. Since the restoration does not have to be sent out to a lab for fabrication, the results are immediate. A bond can significantly improve the aesthetics of your smile, and with good care it can last for years.

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Dental bonding can be an excellent way to quickly and affordably upgrade your smile. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Turner.

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