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Dental Crowns

Do you have a tooth weakened by decay or trauma? Protect it with a dental crown to avoid additional damage.

Matthew A. Turner DDS, PC, serving Kansas City, MO, provides dental crowns that are both durable and natural-looking

Dr. Turner uses the latest innovations in dentistry and a gentle touch to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible...

Exceptional Care... Without Exception

Dr. Turner founded his practice in 1991 and has provided exceptional dental care to generations of families who appreciate the personalized, compassionate attention they get from a dentist in private practice.  

Serving Blue Springs and Kansas City, MO

Matthew A. Turner DDS, PC
Dr. Matthew A. Turner

Beautiful & Durable All-Porcelain Dental Crowns

A dental crown restores and protects a tooth following treatment for decay or a root canal. Dr. Turner uses aesthetically superior tooth-colored porcelain to seamlessly blend a crown into a patient's smile. Crowns are so lifelike they might also be recommended for cosmetic enhancements.

Do You Have an Emergency? A Broken Tooth? Sudden Pain?

If you've cracked a tooth or one suddenly starts hurting, we are available for emergency treatment. Waiting too long for treatment may lead to further damage and lead to an extraction. 

A Long-Lasting and Beautiful Solution Effective Treatment for Compromised Teeth

Dental crowns are a versatile solution for many dental issues. By using the latest dental materials and advanced technology, Dr. Turner makes treatment quick and comfortable. Dental crowns can:  

Protect Vulnerable Teeth

By placing a crown over a weakened tooth, Dr. Turner can help you avoid additional damage to the tooth that could lead to losing the tooth entirely and require even more restorative dental work.  

Last for Years

Dr. Turner uses highly durable zirconia to create all-ceramic crowns. Zirconia is prized for being biocompatible, which makes it ideal for patients who are allergic to the alloys used in porcelain crowns with a metal base. 

Restore Your Smile

Dr. Turner's custom all-ceramic crowns seamlessly blend in with your other teeth. He carefully matches the color to give you natural-looking results. Zirconia is exceptionally smooth and better mimics the look and feel of natural teeth.

Are You Concerned About a Tooth? Do You Need Answers?

No question is too small for the team at Matthew A. Turner's practice in Blue Springs, MO.

As a private practice dentist serving Greater Kansas City, Dr. Turner sets aside time for patients to answer all their questions. Because he understands that a picture is worth 1,000 words, he'll show you digital images so you better understand what's happening in your mouth.

From our iTero 3D digital scanner that precisely replicates your tooth, to our high-end dental materials, we combine high tech with compassionate care to give you a beautiful, healthy smile that can last for years.  

We have offices in Blue Springs and serve the Greater Kansas City area. Reach us by phone for an appointment today:

Dr. Turner and his team
Dr. Turner and his team.

Call Us: (816) 229-1433

Our Patients Spread the Word... We Make Comfort a Priority


Chris Foresee


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Dr.Turner and his staff are wonderful to work with. He is very gentle and good at explaining all processes. I would highly recommend Dr.Turner!

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Tiffany Yunker


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Dr Turner and staff are the best! I have been going to their office since I was a teenager and my parents have gone to the office even longer. Dr. Turner is so gentle and kind and the hygienist is great! They always make me feel so comfortable and welcomed! Highly recommend!

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Are You Looking for a Cosmetic Solution? Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

Before dental crowns
After dental crowns
While dental crowns can repair and strengthen teeth, they are also a beautiful solution for teeth that are discolored or misshapen. Dr. Turner can skillfully restore your smile with natural-looking restorations that enhance your appearance and self-confidence.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a custom-made cap that completely covers a weakened tooth. They are used to protect and restore the shape of teeth when a filling can't effectively restore the tooth. While crowns can be made of many materials, Dr. Turner uses high-tech zirconia to create all-ceramic crowns that look and feel natural and are also extremely durable. 

With good oral hygiene habits and regular dental visits, a dental crown can last 10 years or longer. 

Four ceramic dental crowns on a black background

Do Big Syringes Make You Nervous?

We understand. For many people, it's not the dental treatment that makes them uncomfortable, it's the injections to numb the area that makes them wince.

Dr. Turner is the only dentist in Jackson County who uses the state-of-the-art Wand anesthesia system, a computer-controlled method to administer anesthesia; it makes the numbing step more comfortable. Instead of a big syringe, the Wand looks like a small pen with a cord attached.

Most patients report that injections with the Wand are completely painless.

The Wand anesthesia system

Are You Missing A Tooth? Consider an Implant-Supported Crown

Missing teeth are more than just embarrassing, they can also lead to deterioration of the bone in your jaw.

While people often use a traditional bridge to replace a tooth, a traditional bridge is not ideal because it only replaces the missing tooth and not the root. It is the tooth root that stimulates the bone in your jaw to regenerate. With no stimulation, the jaw begins to weaken and deteriorate.

An illustration of a traditional dental bridge and implant-supported crown

In contrast, an implant-supported crown restores the entire tooth, including the root. With an implant-supported crown, the crown is attached to a titanium rod that is inserted into the jawbone. This rod, which is the dental implant, acts as the tooth root and encourages the jaw to continually rebuild bone. Dr. Turner can refer you to a skilled oral surgeon to place the implant, and then you can return to our office to have it restored with a crown.

Dental implants are the only way you can prevent the weakening of your jaw after a tooth has been lost. 

"I Found the Right Dentist" Another 5-Star Review


Travis Bales


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So I found the right dentist. This office is very inviting and professional but down to earth and makes you feel so comfortable. Sometimes I have a bit of anxiety at a dentist office but they explained everything and use the most updated procedures where I was not worried at all. Great place and I will not need to look any further for a dentist.

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Ethan Nielsen


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Absolutely the very best dentist I have ever been too. Staff is warm and Dr. Turner is hilarious and gentle. He does great work and really helped me gain my self confidence in my smile back. I recommend him to everyone I get a chance to!

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Watch How a Dental Crown Is Placed

Dental crowns are reliable and attractive solutions for many dental problems. 

What to Expect

From start to finish, Dr. Turner puts patient comfort first and uses high-tech instruments to create comfortable, long-lasting restorations that give patients years of satisfaction. 
Experience professional care in an enjoyable, state-of-the-art environment.
Experience professional care in an enjoyable, state-of-the-art environment.

Comfort Comes First

To place your dental crown, the dentist first numbs the treatment area using the Wand so that you will be comfortable during the procedure.

Preparing the Tooth

The dentist will then shape the tooth to create space for the crown and ensure a secure, comfortable fit. 

Creating a Digital Impression

Using the iTero Scanner, the dentist will take millions of digital images of your tooth. The scan will be sent to our lab to create a crown matching our exact specifications. This step typically takes a couple weeks.

Placing a Temporary Crown

While you wait for your permanent crown, a temporary crown will be applied. You will need to take a few minor precautions with your temporary crown, such as not chewing hard foods and taking care when you floss. The dentist will give you complete instructions at your appointment. 

Placing the Permanent Crown

When your permanent crown is completed, you will return to our office to have the temporary crown removed.  Once our dentist checks to ensure the permanent crown fits comfortably and meets his aesthetic standards, he will bond it permanently in place.

 What Are Dental Crowns Made Of? We Use All-Ceramic Zirconia

Dental crowns are made from a variety of materials, but Dr. Turner only uses high-end zirconia. While zirconium is a relatively new material for restorations, it combines the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain. 

There are cheaper dental materials, such as resin, that can be used for restorations, but Dr. Turner finds that many of them cost more in the long run. For example, resin restorations wear quickly and are more likely to break. Porcelain that has been fused to metal is another restoration material he avoids as the porcelain tends to chip and break off the metal base.

Dr. Turner and his team

Matthew A. Turner, D.D.S., P.C.

At the dental practice of Matthew A. Turner, D.D.S., P.C., in Kansas City, MO, Dr. Turner and his team provide superior general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. Dr. Turner is a member of several professional organizations, including:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The Missouri Dental Association
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The Eastern Jackson County Dental Society

For more information on the services we provide, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us online or call (816) 229-1433.

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"Best dental experience anyone could ask for. It's very obvious the entire staff works together as a team and truly cares about the patients."

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