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Thanks to our computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system, even the youngest patients experience pain-free and worry-free shots. Oftentimes, patients are astonished to find out that we have already numbed the treatment area. The system is so effective that patients can leave our dental office and return to their busy day without lingering effects like numbness.

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So one thing that I think is unique about my practice certainly from the feedback that I receive from patients is the way that I get patients numb or the way that I administer local anesthetic. Nobody likes the big silver syringe that dentists have. I don't care if you're 3 or 93, you see a dentist hovering over you coming at you with that thing. I don't like that when I go to visit my dentist. So I have a computer-assisted anesthetic delivery system that it's still a shot. A shot is a shot. We have to get the medicine in there so that you don't feel the dental work. We have to get your teeth numb. But the feedback and the astonishment that my patients have when they say, "When are you going to get me numb? I want to know so I can hold on to the chair," and I get to look at him and pat him on the shoulder and say, "I got you numb five minutes ago. You should be feeling it any time." If done correctly you just simply don't feel anything you may feel just a little pressure but there's none of that sting and burn and terrifying grip the chair experience with what I call the old way of doing it. Another thing that is very unique about this system is if you have to have work done on a back molar. So we can do root canals, we can do crowns, we can do extensive work and you walk out of here able to have lunch, able to go to your Zoom call or your conference, to your meeting. You know, you're not chewing your tongue and your lip. We've been using it for years and great, great feedback. We're all kids at heart when we sit in the dental chair, it doesn't matter how old we are. You know, they're terrified. And maybe mom and dad have said, "Well, now he may have to, you know, put your tooth to sleep." We turn on cartoons or I pull out my system there and they're numb. They don't even know they got any anesthetic.

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