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If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, Dr. Turner can create a custom-tailored smile makeover to suit your individual needs and goals. Using a combination of digital scans, models, and digital simulations, our team can give you a preview of your new smile before beginning treatment. During a visit to our office, you can learn more about transforming your appearance and boosting your confidence with a smile makeover.

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Well, if you walked in and said, "I don't like my smile, what can you do to help?" First thing I would say is, "Why don't you like your smile?" There may be things that I see that don't. . .you know, aren't important to you. So, communication, listening and learning from the you, the patient, why? What do you want? Why don't you like your smile? That's the first step. And then we would, you know, get you in the dental chair, do a series of digital scans, full examination, and then perhaps radiographs. A lot of times I'll make models of your teeth as they are now. And we'll just talk about, what do you want to achieve? Are they too long, too short, too many spaces in between? They're decayed, they're broken off, "I've got ugly old fillings that I've had for 50 years." Whatever the reasons are, then we just okay, so we know where we're beginning, so now where do we want to end up? A lot of times, I'll do a what we call a diagnostic wax up, where I take the plaster, the models of your teeth, and I'll restore them with wax so that you can see, okay, this is where you can end up. We also have some digital simulations that we can do on our iTero scanner, a series of appointments to you know, prepare the teeth, and then we restore them in a very, again, not to be technical, in a very precise way. And when we've completed a smile makeover, they'll come in and they'll say, "Gosh, you know, I don't. . .now I just smile at myself in my mirror and I move on."

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